Virtual trainee enterprise

A qualitative alternative for an internship? Choose learning by doing in the virtual practice enterprise. 2020 was the year of great transformations on the labour market and the virtual enterprise did not miss the boat as a business-oriented didactic solution. It is possible to organize a virtual enterprise in (partly) home work, in a classroom setting and completely at a distance. COFEP adapts to the changing circumstances and the needs of today’s education and training landscape and creates, together with you, a tailor-made solution both online and offline. COFEP offers you a full alternative: a virtual company with tasks and assignments according to the objectives of the internship and training. We offer a filled order book, an active mailbox and a network with other virtual companies to put administrative, commercial, financial and logistic profiles to work. The school or training centre provides an internship supervisor or mentor who does the day-to-day follow-up of the students, gives them feedback and finally evaluates them, just like an external internship. COFEP provides the training and support. Need a qualitative alternative for external internships? The virtual internship company of COFEP offers the solution! We guarantee virtual work, real learning! Contact us without obligation: