Objective project choices

Connectief uses specific criteria to choose its activities or projects. For this, the non-profit organization is bound by its own framework of values and purpose. The activities and their selection are above personal principles or objections from applicants, administrators and executors.

Neutral in the Flemish educational landscape

All our actions serve society at the intersection between education and work. Connectief does not allow itself to be led or limited by differences between schools and organisations in its choice of project partners. We will always strive for a maximum balance in terms of participation of different umbrella organisations and networks.

Accessible through flexible work formats

In each partnership the most appropriate form of collaboration is sought to achieve maximum participation of the learners. Connectief is a partner for all schools, teachers and students.

Innovative and dynamic

Innovation is our driving force. Both in the choice of projects and in our approach, it is central. This is how we want to give schools insight and support in their leap towards innovation.


Connectief starts from the strength that diverse group compositions and learning work environments offer. Within the projects, this statement means that people who are “different” get the opportunity to participate in our developed activities, but also that we want to expose learners to the riches of diverse learning work environments – also internationally..

Sustainable and structural

Connectief stands for socially responsible functioning in all projects and can guarantee this thanks to well-chosen partnerships. With its projects, Connectief wants to generate and empower long-term effects on education through expertise and tools for competence development. As schools evolve from project participants to partners, this experience serves to further refine Connectief’s offer.