ErasDu In a nutshell

The Flemish KA1 Accredited consortium for ErasDu plans to send – in a 2 year Erasmus+ KA1 project – approximately 330 students from various Flemish VET Schools for a 2 week work placement to foreign companies, with support of various partner organizations in different EU-countries. At the same time, we are willing to receive students from abroad.

The training pathways/professions of the participants will vary a lot. This means that we mostly send out heterogeneous groups (or even individuals) from different schools and professions.

We will also involve VET students with special needs.

Students are free to participate in the project. They provide their first and second choice of the country where they would like to do the work placement. In most cases, their first choice is honoured.

Some students might find work placement abroad on their own. As long as this is in a partnership country, and if the sending school certifies that the student is mature enough, doing their work placement there is possible.

Participants don’t necessarily have to do the work placement in the same profession as the one of their training pathway at home: they can choose to taste of and learn skills in a complementary profession. E.g. a cook can do an internship in a bakery to learn how to make bread, to serve in his/her restaurant at home.

The participants will perform 4 types of tasks in the abovementioned countries: first, there is obviously the learning of specific professional and technical skills and generic work skills at the placement company. Furthermore, the participants will also follow a socio-cultural program elaborated by our foreign partners, and will have the opportunity to develop foreign language skills – except the participants who will flock to the Netherlands. Finally, we expect the participants to take on an ambassador role within their classroom, school or training centre, where they will help to carry out and promote the importance of the international dimension and international mobility within their own organization and region.

As a rule, the participants have to have at least 3 on the job  working days a week. They can also attend courses in the hosting region, or have study visits for maximum 2 days a week. In most cases, the students will be spending 5 days on the jobs a week at their work placement.

Through this approach, we want to improve the attractiveness of VET and give VET learners the opportunity to strengthen their professional technical and personal skills by an international experience – and thus also to increase their employment opportunities.

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