ErasDu Project Structure

CONNECTIEF is the ErasDu-project promotor, co-ordinating and facilitating the project throughout Flanders. To this end, CONNECTIEF works with the different educational network organisations in Flanders in a consortium. The Flemish participating schools are not consortium members themselves; they adhere to one of those educational networks.

This means that CONNECTIEF is nor a sending, nor a receiving organisation in this project. It is the Flemish schools involved that will take on these roles. To that end, CONNECTIEF will conclude an agreement with these schools. The schools are responsible for finding work placements, lodging, monitoring, … for the students they’ll receive.

CONNECTIEF is the SPOC (Single Point Of Contact) for all transnational contacts for the project.

Our transnational relations are in almost all cases based on reciprocity – no transnational partners are paid, but we offer similar services to each other.

ErasDu Project Roles

  • Project promotor: responsible for the overall project management, go-between the transnational partners and the Flemish schools. Project information and communication Hub. Employed by CONNECTIEF.
  • Flemish consortium member: representative of a Flemish educational network, responsible for spreading the ErasDu-information to the relevant schools within the educational network
  • Transnational partner contact person: the contact person of the transnational partner, responsible for finding work placements in his/her region. Offers suggestions on accommodation. Takes care of dealing with the enterprises for the delivery of the necessary documents. Takes care of the monitoring of the Flemish students in his/her region. Can be employed by a school or another organization (Chamber, NGO, …)
  • Flemish School contact person: the contact person in the Flemish school, responsible for informing, selecting and supporting the candidate participants. Also responsible for finding work placements and giving suggestions on accommodation if the school receives foreign students. Takes care of dealing with the enterprises for the delivery of the necessary documents. Takes care of the monitoring of the foreign students in his/her region. Often, a Learning Pathway Counsellor from the school takes on this role. These are the go-between the school and the enterprise, responsible for the guidance and co-ordination of the learning pathway/learner in Flanders.
  • “Flying” Flemish monitors: Flemish persons, responsible for the monitoring and guidance of the Flemish students abroad. Works in collaboration with the contact person of the transnational partner. Not all regions are covered, and some Flying Monitors cover more than one region (and even countries), hence the adjective: “Flying”. These persons are mostly employees of the Flemish schools involved.
  • Enterprise tutor: the person, responsible in the foreign or Flemish enterprise, for the work placement training of the participants.

Generally, the go-between the foreign enterprise and the participating students is OR the transnational partner contact person (or a colleague of this organisation) OR a combination of the latter with a “flying” Flemish monitor. Their duties are:

  • To pay at least one visit to the students, while he/she is working at the work placement
  • To provide support to the enterprises and the participating students in working with the Europass Mobility
  • To solve possible issues between the participating student and the enterprise
  • To (co-)organize social-cultural activities for the participants
  • To be a first line contact point for questions of the participants, and in emergencies

ErasDu Contact

Ben Bruyndonckx –  – +32497593321